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Barbara Dunn Alfinito is the founder and owner of Barb’s Getaway. She has been a licensed travel agent and a New York City and Washington, DC tour guide for more than 20 years. She is a born and raised Brooklynite, lived in upstate New York while raising her daughter, then shortly moved to Alabama, only to return to her beloved New York City a couple of years later.
Not only does Barbara love to show you around the city that she knows so well, she also loves to deal with the logistics of your trip:  booking accommodations, arranging transportation, organizing tickets and putting together an itinerary that fits your needs. Having built up numerous contacts over the years, she can make your wish her command, letting you lay back, relax and enjoy a true vacation in New York or Washington DC without a thing to worry about.


And I promise to make you laugh!!

Barbara’s passion for tour guiding started in the early 90s when she started to host foreign exchange students from the Netherlands, Japan, Austria and Italy. They would live with her family for a year and she enjoyed taking them on numerous trips around New York City and the East Coast to show insider places that aren’t in any tour guide.

Barbara Dunn Alfinito


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  • Spotlight on GANYC Guide: Barbara Dunn-Alfinito

Spotlight on GANYC Guide: Barbara Dunn-Alfinito

Posted by Jeremy.Wilcox on Thu, 08/31/2017 - 8:24pm

Introducing GANYC guide Barbara Dunn-Alfinito!


How long have you been a tour guide?

26 years.

What time of year would you consider your busy season? 


Have you or your company been featured  in print, broadcast (tv or radio) or online media? 

When we started 26 years ago, there was no online media.  I was featured on Hour Magazine with Gary Collins  and remember many others as well.

What drove you to become a tour guide or tour operator or create this company? 

In 1989, I became a travel agent. Then, in 2001, because of September 11, I had to relocate to Alabama.  I did not blend.  My sister saw an add for Smithsonian Student tours, aka EF.  They did not pay much, but would flew me home!   I applied, got the job, left EF in 2006 and then started my own business.

What types of tours do you offer? 

Educational student tours or Senior adult tours.

Do you offer Niche Tours?

Giant groups. 100-250+ if needed.

What is the most gratifying part of your work? 


What upcoming or annual events, promotions or sales would you like to promote?

If you are a Travel agent, I wholesale to the trade.

What special deals, sales, events or promotions are you offering to GANYC Followers and our industry partners and their customer? 

If you have a group, 20 or more, I will book at a  discounted rate, and then you can mark it up 20-30% and still be at a great rate!

How long have you been a member of GANYC?

10 years.

What's your advice or Tour Guide tip you love to share to people visiting New York?

Hire a guide.

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