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Some edible options include:

* Visit one of NYC's famous, celeb-filled raw food restaurants

* Try one of the city's reknown vegan restaurants

* Indulge in a delicious, gourmet meal that features ethically-raised, free-range pastured meats

* Tour the famed NYC Greenmarket, where local farmers bring their amazing fruits, vegetables, wines, dairy, and baked goods to famously-choosy New Yorkers each week

* Check out some of NYC's best health food stores that feature fresh-baked vegan desserts, raw food products, organic treats, and holistic health products difficult to find outside of Manhattan

Andrea Moss, certified Holistic Health Counselor, food & travel writer, and former assistant producer for NBC News, will take you to the city's freshest, most delicious and healthiest sites. Experience New York City the organic way. Andrea will customize your tour to include your favorite healthy activities - NYC-style.

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